Holy Cow Huge Balloons

Holy Cow Huge Balloons!

While out shopping the other day, I came upon a shop that makes balloons for all kinds of occaisions and parties as well as huge balloons and blimps for advertising or just for the fun of it should you want a blimp or giant balloon to propose to your girlfriend, you can get one here! The reguar balloons are great for parties and holidays to complete the festive scene. Balloons are a good way to advertise your company no matter what size it is. Advertising is the way to bring customers to your shop and there is no better way than getting your address out on balloons.
huge balloons for advertising

Huge balloons for business promotions

Most people will look up if there is something overhead(out of curiosity) and see the message that it is carrying. Have you ever noticed that many car lots and banks will use balloons with their names on them to attract attentiopn to the business that is written on the balloon, or just plain balloons to attract attention to the objects they are around.
advertising blimps for business promotions

11 ft. Advertising Blimp with logo – $725.00

Balloons, small or giant can carry messages of holiday cheer, announcements for family, or proposals to a loved one. Kids especially notice balloons when they are out with parents, and if they are free like at a bank usually kiddies get a free balloon with your message on it for the parents and the balloon for the kids. No matter which way you use balloons your message gets out there for everyone to see! Check out balloons for advertising, you will be pleased at what you find out.

Please call 1-800-791-1445 for huge balloons for business advertising.

Email us at advertisingballoons @gmail.com

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Big Balloons For Sale

Big Balloons For Sale!

Are you looking for a way to add fun to a family gathering or holiday?

Or do you need a new way to advertise your business! A way that will go

anywhere and people will notice even if they aren’t planning on it your

message will get across! There is a curiosity factor involved when you

use balloons to get your point across. Family, business,parties…
There are a multitude of shapes and sizes, all the way up to blimp

balloons! Say a little, or, a lot your choice!

helium balloon for business advertising

7 ft. helium advertising balloon with logo – $533.00

Check it out on the Internet and you will find a company that you can

work with easily to get your specific order together. Balloons for a

kiosk, for your parking lot, The front of your business or, get the

giant balloons or blimps to put up in the air where thousands of people

will see your message!

Just about every size and shapes are available, inflatable figures as

well can be a big help in promoting your business or cause. Balloons

have an advantage over billboard advertising because they are not ugly

for one, and they are more cost effective. It is also easier to change

the message on the balloons by just getting new ones. Think of your

next party and getting balloons as decorations, figures for the lawn

and for the kids to take home! Get a big balloon to wish everyone good

cheer for the holidays on one side and your business on the other side,

then your name gets out there with some holiday wishes!

Call us at 1-800-791-1445 for big balloons!

Email us at advertisingballoons@gmail.com

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Large Helium Balloons

Large Helium Balloons

Large Helium Balloons – A profitable way of advertisement

Using a large latex helium balloon to celebrate some special occasion like a birthday party, graduation party or a wedding is not a new thing; but using a large helium balloon for advertisement is one new and profitable way. As it is evident that everyone loves balloons, advertising something through a large balloon is eye-catchy and advantageous at the same time. While passing by a street, you might have seen some huge colorful balloons with something printed on; they are nothing but a mode of advertisement for a particular company or brand. Many people use decorative and attractive over sized helium balloons during festive seasons as a mode of advertisements.

large helium balloon

7 ft. Large Helium Balloon with Lettering – $533.00

How does it work?

Usually, the suppliers or the companies who want to advertise though balloons, contact the agencies and helium balloon advertising groups. They send the quotes to the advertisers and then the agencies design the logo of the company on a balloon. It usually takes two to three days for logo printing. Generally, the helium balloon gets ready after two weeks. The helium powered balloon varies in size and can also be up to 20 feet long or more which is normally easy to assemble and disassemble. To keep the balloon flying, several tanks of helium are used for re-filling.

How long does Helium Balloon Last?

Most of the times the latex helium balloons are used for long term advertisement; the balloon lasts up to several days depending upon the types of the type of latex or Mylar, and also the air temperature. Latex balloons last up to maximum 24 hours which is perfect for a small event whereas the Mylar or foil can last up to 2 weeks at a stretch. So accordingly, the companies plan up for the type of balloon they want for the advertisement.

Advertising through the balloons is one of the best way to reach public attention; using a large advertising blimps or a giant floating billboard for advertising is also the best way for making sales, promote an events and also celebrate an occasion.

Our 7 ft. large helium balloon requires only 180 cubisc feet of helium and can last for weks with only small amounts of helium to “top it off” every 4 -5 days.

Please call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on our large helium balloons.

Email us at advertisingballoons@gmail.com

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